Aboriginal Coaching Modules

The Aboriginal Coaching Modules (“ACM”) is an essential resource to those that work with, coach and/or supervise Aboriginal peoples in physical activity, recreation, and sport. This one-day workshop will provide a greater understanding of coaching through an Aboriginal lens, which is designed to motivate, inspire and lead Aboriginal peoples in sport, recreation, physical activity and life. The ACM was developed as a supplement to the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) to:
  • Provide culturally relevant courses for Aboriginal coaches and athletes;
  • Increase the accessibility of the NCCP to Aboriginal coaches;
  • Increase the capacity of non-Aboriginal coaches leading Aboriginal peoples;
  • Improve the quality of the sport experience for Aboriginal athletes;
  • Increase the number of Aboriginal certified coaches;
  • Improve the understanding of the application of Aboriginal cultures in sport and coaching;
  • Provide the Canadian Sport System with access to traditional Aboriginal knowledge.

ACM 3 Modules:

Holistic Approach to Coaching

As a coach, it is important that you are fully committed to creating an environment that allows individuals to talk, trust and feel, thus, creating a positive environment. The teachings of the medicine wheel represent a holistic view and show the interdependence of all facets of life. The medicine wheel also represents the ongoing and cyclical nature of change and transformation that is fundamental to all living creatures. Holistic coaching perspective, which incorporates physical, mental, cultural and spiritual aspects. The four pillars of respect, integrity, honesty, and trust are examined and how these values are an integral part of holistic coaching. Importance of community members and relationships are considered in order to positively develop an individual.

Dealing with Racism in Sport

Throughout an individual’s life, one may encounter experiences that negatively affect their outlook on life. Many of these experiences stem from inaccurate perceptions of others. This module provides definitions that may be useful in the discussion of racism. These definitions are important as they ensure that each scenario is being properly addressed and dealt with. The Dealing with Racism in Sport module provides a five-step process for coaches on how to respond and deal with racist and discriminatory situations.

Lifestyle, Health, and Nutrition

This module encompasses topics on lifestyle, health, and nutrition specific to Aboriginal peoples. Helpful tips on how to be familiar with the unique lifestyle, health situations and challenges that Aboriginal youth and people may face. Understanding the community where you coach, the effect of history on lifestyle and health, lifestyle issues including physical inactivity, obesity, tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse, health issues such as diabetes, lactose intolerance childhood asthma, FAS/FAE, hepatitis B, sexual activity, determining when an intervention is appropriate and nutrition.


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The National Coaching Certification Program

The National Coaching Certification Program (“NCCP”) launched in 1974 and delivered in partnership with the government of Canada, provincial/territorial governments, and national/provincial/territorial sport organizations, giving various community leaders the confidence to succeed.

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