Native Youth Olympics


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Over twenty-six years ago 1989-1990, Aboriginal Prevention Officers from seven individuals Nations noticed a gap in activities being available to our children. Within Ontario’s education system the vast number of children is a main component that allows the elementary school system to incorporate competition andFullSizeRender-1 growth in their track and field activities. It is these activities that add to the emotional foundation of the children. It has been further noted that students who take part in the Secondary School recreation system are more likely to continue attending school. 90% of the students in high school Track and Field have learned the basic principles and experience competition of the sport long before they found an interest in signing up for the school team and before they reach grade 9. This activity alone can create an emotional foundation that stimulates team efforts, self esteem, pride and character in our youth. These activities strengthen and enrich the lives of our children, youth and their families.

Aboriginals Communities are now incorporating these activities as  prevention programs for our children, caregivers and families, and aims to reduce the risk factors of child abuse or neglect. Our Children need to have more positive experiences that demonstrate success in themselves. Our children can have this when we pull together. The Native Youth Olympics was created as our own Track and Field competition, as an annual event targeting the youth.

FullSizeRenderThese seven communities: Kettle and Stoney Point, N’amerind Friendship Centre, Oneida of the Thames, Munsee Delaware of the Thames, Moravian of the Thames, Chippewa of the Thames and Walpole Island had a meeting- brainstorming session. At this meeting we engaged in courageous conversations about the history of child welfare of our children. These prevention workers acknowledged benefits of working together in support of our own children and youth. It was also noticed that when our students become interested they practice, watch events to learn and we know the fastest way to learn a sport is to watch a champion then imitate them.

The Native Youth Olympics is run by Recreation Workers, Youth Workers, Band Staff, and other interested parents from the South Western Ontario district, all of who must somehow fundraise, advertise and schedule around community events

Chi Miigwech , Desh Kan Ziibii, Chi Miigwech to the founders, Josie Bedard(KP), Mary White-Eye(MT), Leo Nicholas(MD), Belenger Brown(OT)also worked with (NFC), Del Wrightman and Staff (WPI), Brain French, Austin Henry (COTTFN)

And Chi Miigwech to all the Moms and Dads, and finally Chi Miigwech to all the Chiefs and Councils for allowing this event to take place over two and half decades

Miigwech on Behalf all our youth and communities in the Southern Regions.